“I am fascinated by the multitude of tasks that come my way, in different cultures and time zones.”

Dr. Michael Leers in an interview about his work in software development at Aucos.

Who are you and what do you do at Aucos?
“My name is Michael, I am a Project Manager and I gained my doctorate in the field of laser technology at the Fraunhofer Institute. Aachen has been my home since I graduated. One of my absolute passions is sport, from running and cycling to skiing. I am without a shadow of a doubt also motivated by the love of good food. I like to travel around the world as well. When I am on a trip away with Aucos, I am in my element if I can lace up my running shoes early in the morning and go explore my new surroundings.”

How did it all start?
“I have been part of the Aucos team since 2015. I was already interested in project management in my previous career. This is still my main focus today, from coordinating on the phone or by email and in meetings. I was immediately taken in by the good feeling among my colleagues. Working in a team is really IMPORTANT here, even if you are alone on the construction site. Thanks to digitisation, our team is always there to support you when you need it.”

What inspires you on a day-to-day basis at Aucos?
“The genuine sense of team spirit: I can rely on my colleagues. It’s like a family. The day-to-day tasks can be technologically and organisationally demanding, often challenging, but never boring and quite often there is an international element to it. This mixture enthuses me. Plus, we always welcome new, young colleagues, with – in my opinion – good on-boarding procedures. As a project manager, I am fascinated by the multitude of tasks that come my way, in different cultures and time zones.”

What are your views on Aucos as an employer?
“From summer events to Christmas parties – from cake Friday to company fitness, Aucos creates an environment that everyone can benefit from for their individual wellness programme. Our high level of expertise is strengthened through continuous further training and together we form a sophisticated team of curious and open-minded colleagues. For me, this creates an atmosphere where I am motivated to contribute and want to help develop Aucos further.”

If you were the boss at Aucos for a day, what would you do?
“Do everything in my power to move Aachen next to a lake with a beach and in the mountains, so that I could combine what I love doing in the summer and winter even better with my work. And – joking aside – to continually develop our methods and ideas. ”

What is your advice to future Aucosians? 
“To approach major tasks without fear, under any circumstances. As the saying aptly goes: “Everyone said: That’s not possible. And then someone came along who didn’t know it was not possible and simply did it.” That is Aucos. To achieve this we need high-tech savvy, open-minded and eternally curious team players. ”


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