A thousand smart possibilities.

Out of the box.

Imagine being able to read out and control all parameters of your process from a central system location. Independent of your components’ manufacturer, the arrangement of line elements or even not yet digitized line elements?

Without cabling, without complex PLCs? And from anywhere in the world?

You think that is impossible?

Then get to know Aucos Sense now! The smart data acquisition system for your line that can be connected to almost any sensor and is able to send your data wirelessly to the cloud and thus also to your smartphone or tablet. Scalable, modular and compatible with all line types.

Smart line monitoring has never been so easy.


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Flexible. Expandable. And extremely smart.

Aucos Sense is the cloud-based solution for universal measurement data acquisition for your line with the goal of transparency, data logging and proactive maintenance.

Get familiar with the functions of BigData and create a mobile data base for your logs with Aucos Sense. With minimal installation effort through our digital wireless technology, you are able to monitor all parameters of your process globally and mobile – an unprecedented transparency advantage. Your other applications are integrated via the Aucos Sense API and together provide a complete digital overview.

Make your line smart. As easy as that!

Mobile Use your data worldwide on your smartphone or tablet
Universal Compatible with all sensors through the use of standard interfaces
Wireless Transmission technology without cables with sampling rates of up to one second
Secure Encrypted storage of your data in the cloud
Modular Open system with modular and flexible design
User-friendly No PLC, programming or switchgear installation required

All elements from a single source.

The entire Aucos Sense infrastructure consists of three perfectly matched omponents: Aucos Sense Cube, Aucos Sense Hub and the Aucos Sense App. Thanks to this modularity, the system grows with your requirements and is easily expandable; and this with minimal maintenance and installation costs.

Aucos Sense Cube

Available in different versions

  • analog inputs, optional 0-10V, 4-20mA
  • analog inputs for temperature detection, Pt100 sensor / NTC sensor
  • digital inputs 24V, also with counter function 1000Hz
  • vibration sensor
  • relay outputs, 24 Volt, 0,5A
  • analog outputs 0-10V
  • sampling rate 1 reading per second for all inputs
  • Wireless communication on 2,4 GHz (connection to hub)
  • Encrypted data communication
  • Power supply 24V, current consumption 200mA
  • Protection class IP65
  • Plug&Play installation
Aucos Sense Hub
  • Wireless Hub for communication with up to 32 Aucos Sense Cubes
  • Multiple hubs can be combined
  • Data buffering over 24 hours
  • 100 Mbit Ethernet interface (connection to the cloud)
  • Wireless communication on 2.4 GHz (connection to the Cubes)
  • Encrypted data communication
  • Power supply 24V, current consumption 200mA
  • Protection class IP65
  • Plug&Play installation
Aucos Sense App
  • Web App for Android and iOS
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Device overview with device icons
  • Operating hours logging
  • Maintenance system
  • Measurement curves with limit value monitoring and alarm message
  • Site plan
  • QR code scan function
  • Alarm function via SMS or email
  • System configuration and Aucos Sense Cube configuration of measuring points
  • Coupling to sales databases in the cloud
  • Encrypted data communication

Fast. Secure. Reliable. The Aucos Sense Cloud.

The Aucos Sense Cloud is the heart of the Sense system. Store captured data encrypted in the cloud located in Germany and access it quickly and securely anywhere in the world.

Fast Sampling rate for all inputs 1 sec.

Live access to all values

Secure Redundant data backup

Data archiving up to 30 years (optional)

Encrypted data communication

Data storage for Europe in Germany, for the USA in the USA

Reliable Extremely high availability

Individual database per customer

Capacity of 1000 cubes/server

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