Over 70 Experts and Young Talents – One Goal: Innovation

Our Aucos team is made up of more than 70 individual experts and young talents.

Our team is distinguished through its extraordinary variety, which embodies the very heart of Aucos. In addition to a large number of electrical engineers, the team is complemented by mechanical engineers, chemists and automation experts making it particularly strong in the area of interdisciplinary problem-solving. Aucos provides solutions from a single source, offering individual solutions from electrical installations through to the construction of control cabinets, integration of control systems, production of control computers, all the way up to corporate communication (ERP).


Management Board
Management Board Peter Kessels
Management Board Andreas Schuhmacher
Head of Consulting Christoph Reddemann
Consulting Prof. Tom Tiltmann
Consulting Larissa Oliveira de Morais
Head of Sales Andreas Scholz
Sales Margit Leers
Marketing Rebecca Pisano
Project Management
Head of Project Management Dr. Annette Hermanns
Vice Head of Project Management Frederic Cormann
Project Management Dr. Thorsten Reppert
Head of Production Dr. Stefan Tappe
Production Georg Bertram
Production Martin Dambietz
Production Jörg Dohmen
Production Michael Felten
Production Christoph Fest
Production Frank Fuders
Production Jürgen Gorges
Production Peter Herkenrath
Production Rainer Koch
Production Henner Kollmann
Production Egbert König
Production Peter Kotthaus
Production Kristof Kubon
Production Peter Lüngen
Production Jürgen Mannheims
Production Hartmut Matzke
Production Jürgen Meisen
Production Werner Mohr
Production Stefan Rensing
Production Tobias Reuen
Production Wolfgang Richartz
Production Georg Rümenapp
Production Wladimir Schaschkin
Production Winfried Schnell
Production Stephan Schöbben
Production Ulrich Schünemann
Production Tobias Stiller
Head of Service Andreas Scholz
Service Lothar Ziemons
Research & Development
Head of Research & Development Florian Wimmenauer
Vice Head of Research & Development / Product Management Marc Hüskens
Research & Development Dominique Lärz
Research & Development Mitja Schmakeit
Research & Development Lars Quaedvlieg
Research & Development Rosa Sofie Stolk
Research & Development Philipp Heinen
Research & Development Yutao Wang
Research & Development Peter Poelma
Technology Solutions
Head of Technology Solutions Florian Wimmenauer
Technology Solutions Udo Fluchs
Technology Solutions Stefan Meyer
Head of Administration Nuray Tezer
Administration Liane Jungbluth
Administration Nam Nguyen
Administration Sabine Oleff
Administration Ulrike Smeets-Offermanns
Aucos International
Aucos International Todd Horton (US)
Aucos International Bo Liu (CN)
Aucos International Shrikant Lomte (IND)
Aucos International Jian Zhang (CN)
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