Anodising Plant

The width is key

Modern anodising plants can often be particularly challenging in terms of transport systems due to their sheer width. The frequent need for a part-specific oblique stroke is a complex feature for control technology to accommodate in conjunction with critical processing times. The wide range of products and a very different process mix require a high level of flexibility in the production processes, which in turn pushes up the computational costs on account of the long and complex transport processes.

An Aucos control system offers several solutions for this initial situation – three innovative approaches are listed below:

  1. To reduce long transport times, the modern Aucos control technology provides the option of speeding up the transport carriages via electronic shafts to speeds of over 100 meters per minute. Control technology at these high speeds, is implemented with special functions that prevent, to the greatest extent possible, the product carriers from swinging off course.
  2. Our systems support freely definable processes for the oblique stroke, which the customer is able to parameterise to suit their needs.
  3. The optimisation options Aucos offers, guarantee a high throughput with the required flexibility and ensure the quality of the production.
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