The Aucos Solution for BIA

Chrome-plated plastic surfaces need to be high-tech

Automobiles are becoming increasingly lighter, which helps towards lower fuel consumption or more efficient use of resources. In parallel with this, the demands made on the vehicle manufacturer in terms of the look, feel, durability and functionality of the vehicle’s surface, are also increasing. Thankfully chrome-plated plastic components provide a suitable solution to all these challenges. Our customer BIA with production facilities in Germany, Slovakia and China, is one of the leading suppliers of electroplated interior and exterior plastic parts for the automotive industry. Aucos has developed specific expertise in creating the optimal surface finish for the plastic parts, and it controls the coating with its own software and layout of the equipment technology.

The typical throughput rate of 50 car carriers per hour requires equipment that can accommodate 20 transport trolleys and approx. 150 process baths (based on the site at Solingen), all of which involves extensive loading and unloading logistics. Our precalculated transport logistics guarantees that the bath processing times are adhered to, thereby ensuring the high quality of the product.

Aucos solutions for the electroplating of plastics

  • Motion control “Aucos Mixed Cycle System”
  • Guaranteed process times and qualities with flexibility for component sizes and very large equipment capacity
  • High availability of all process data with redundant data backup, on request in the secure Aucos cloud
  • Simulation of process sequences for the planning of equipment minimises commissioning times
  • Production control system with special solutions for quality management, component inspection, rack management and logging
  • Special solutions for specific transport technology with high-speed cranes of 250m/min and anti-pendulum system


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