Innovation: The Key to Success

Innovation is our central theme and the basis of our success. Industry 4.0, Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things and Augmented Reality are paving the way to the future of automation and this is a path we are already exploring today. The goal of all innovations is to increase the output and performance of equipment, provide the greatest availability, ensure guaranteed quality and ease of use.

Here is a selection of highlights from our technology:

Productivity Technologies

Flexibility of transport control with repeatable product quality – this has been a focal point for Aucos since the very beginning, for almost 40 years. Since then, we have further developed our software for a mixed-mode operation with the variants “Aucos Free System” and “Aucos Mixed Cycle System” making them highly effective and extremely flexible systems. A forward-looking calculation in both technologies ensures that processes and holding times are adhered to in a repeatable manner, even in the mixed-mode operation with other products and programs. The Aucos Transport control is available in two basic variants:

Aucos Mixed Cycle System
A successful synthesis of controls with path-time diagrams, offering limited but more than enough flexibility for many application types. The system offers a very high capacity utilisation for repeatable holding times, irrespective of the mixture of products.
Aucos Free System
For maximum flexibility; freely selectable procedures and holding times, limited solely by the mechanical factors of the equipment; Editor for the easy creation of any treatment programs that can be used immediately, even in combination with other programs.

Aucos Control Systems Consist of:

  • Central and remote control cabinets
  • Decentralised control components
  • PLC Controls
  • Production control systems
  • Control stations, as well as smartphone/tablet clients
  • ERP Connections (keywords: MES, SAP, Industrie 4.0)
  • Integration and connection of external systems (aftertreatment systems, robot assembly machines, conveyor belts, high-bay warehouses, etc.)

High Availability

The use of server computers implemented in parallel, applying simulation and intelligent alarm management, forms the basis for the high availability of our equipment.

The extensive recording of the conditions of the equipment means we can foresee problems as well as avoid problems through preventive maintenance.


The frequently implemented Aucos Management Module provides an unique monitoring of process reliability, so that incorrect deliveries can be avoided as much as possible. The Surface “inspection” Module is an initial implementation of a Big Data application designed to identify process problems at an early stage.


The terms “joy of use” and “usability” are the guiding principles for the surfaces and operability of all Aucos applications. Modern operating systems and the inclusion of tablets, smartphones and recently also Smartwatches offer high mobility and acceptance in the company.

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