“Bored? Never. And this is also evident in the team work: it’s fun!”

Marc Hüskens in an interview about his work in software development at Aucos.

Who are you and what do you do at Aucos?
“I am Marc, I’m a software developer and together with my team of 5 colleagues, I work on the development of the new lead computer. In my personal life, I am a happy homeowner, a fanatic about football – both as a player and as a fan – and I live in Eschweiler near Aachen.”

How did it all start?
“I’ve been here since 2009. After 2 semesters of studying computer science at RWTH, I had to confess that I was not cut out for theoretical computer science. I started at the company through the Switch Program – back then I was the first switcher to start training at Aucos. I wanted to work in a more practical way and see how my programming was used. I was keen to work for, with and in the industry. Aucos won me over straight away in the first interview: Three employees, including the Management, immediately gave me the feeling that I would be taken seriously here. This was not the case in my experience at other and sometimes significantly larger companies…”

What inspires you on a day-to-day basis at Aucos?
“It is the mixture of programming, application and practical experience; seeing how my code in the system control generates changes for our customers: There is always something for us to attend to and sort out. No day is ever the same, there is always a new request from our customers waiting for us to fulfil. Bored? Never. And this is also evident in the team work: it’s fun!
Moreover, internationality is not an empty saying for us. I travelled for a long time and was able to experience a lot. This requires flexibility, but it also offers you an enormous amount of life experience in a very short period of time – whether you are traveling in Asia or America. Currently I am working at the headquarters in Aachen again and I enjoy this time very much, too.”

What are your views on Aucos as an employer?
“Our managers feel it is important to create a friendly work environment and to allow scope for individual development – many of us have the opportunity to travel quite a lot, others work on site and prefer it that way. There are regulations for company mobile phones, company vehicles and even business bikes. On top of all this, you’re also made a company member of the fitness studio and can manage your work-life balance with flexible working hours. Not all of this is a given elsewhere and I always hear appreciatory remarks in my circle of friends. As for me, there is the clear pro that my company is also continually investing in my ongoing training – year after year. ”

If you were the boss at Aucos for a day, what would you do?
“Further optimise our organisation. But of course we remain a customer-driven company, which responds at short notice to requests and changes in a current project. Finally, we want to keep our promise that a commissioning has never been delayed on account of Aucos… ”

What is your advice to future Aucosians?
“‘I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious’ (Albert Einstein). To always be curious: Everything changes so quickly, you have to have fun with innovations, especially as a software developer. ”